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The Pizzaman #1 Part 2

Dr. FitzPatrick introduces Carlos to some of his associates. Meanwhile, night one as Pizza Man does not go as planned, as Carlos learns that being a hero is more than just wearing a costume or physical strength.

Sean Spezze-Vigil, Mark Rainn, Jimmy G, Hugo Daniel

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Carlos Marinara was an average pizza delivery boy who loved comics, video games, and cartoons–until one fateful night transformed his life forever. What enigmatic contortions of drama and comedy will shape the unmolded clay that is Carlos? Can he become the hero Piña City needs, or the failure it seems destined to produce? Are there gluten-free options? Does more cheese cost extra? Will the local pizza delivery boy ever evolve into the Pizza Man?? Prepare yourself for a supreme helping of action, drama, and origin stories in 30 minutes or less!

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