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The Scarlet Derby And Midnight Jay Adventures #4

Meet Thaddeus Hedwater and his wife Mary Jane, two newlyweds who share an incredible secret: when night falls in London, they scour the streets of crime as the city”s most stalwart crime-fighting duo, The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay.

Mike Cervantes

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 16

The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay are summoned to an old warehouse by their long-debilitated arch enemies, The Three-Headed Mob. They seek to thwart our heroes once and for all by hosting a workshop of all the evil plans they can come up with all at once, hoping one of them will be the one crime even our adept duo cannot possibly stop. Will the Derby and Jay be able to win the day, or will they fall victim to MOB MENTALITY?


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