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The Sentinels #274

The Planet’s Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels, team-up in this Retro Bronze-Age style superhero team comic a la Justice League (JLA) or Avengers, feat. updated public domain and original characters.

Roy Johnson, Ron Williams, Shayne Cui, Elizz Hezikiah, Francisco Zamora

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

As the Grim Reaper continues to wrestle with his own internal demons, a mysterious figure arrives at Freedom’s Stronghold. UltraMan and crew continue their Multiversal journey. Super-villains report to a secretive figure. Find out in this action-packed 22-page Bronze-Age style comic book, The Sentinels Interregnum; a great jumping on point for the series! Guest starring readers’ original characters!!


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