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The Talented Tenth Saga #1


Krishna, a time traveler is held captive by the Salesman of Doom who is a 200-year-old multi-billionaire. Meanwhile, Agent Buffalo Soldier recruits a new hero called the Fiery Furnace as he directs him to stop a bomb from destroying a building and part of a city. Will they make it in time? And who is the Human Pearl?

Chris Love

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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After a lost tIme agent of the Historical Bureau of Investigations accidentally comes to our time, she unexpectedly allows a 200 year old Billionaire maniac access to her time travel device. She must seek the aid of an ex government agent and must change history to recruit The Talented Tenth, They are a superhero group of unconventional heroes. Can Krishna, The Time Traveler and Agent: Buffalo Soldier enlist the aid of The Human Pearl, John Henry, The Milk Maiden, Fiery Furnace, The Mysterious Maestro, Black Butterfly, Zara and The Alien Ambassador come together to stop The Salesman of Doom and his associates? This is a Live Action Comic Book.

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