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The War for Kaleb #3

Kaleb has been battling an anxiety disorder for quite some time. After meeting a woman who he falls in love with, he begins to question the validity of his relationship due to the fact that he is medicated. Watching over Kaleb is a silent hero, who keeps his well being in check. After a drastic decision is made, Kaleb finds himself confronted by a dark character waiting for the chance to consume him.

Jason Pittman

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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After the incident at the bar, Kaleb turns inward, as the light hero has gone missing, leaving the dark hero in control. Kaleb reflects, but struggles finding any real answers for his anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, Mike and Addey discuss the next steps in saving Kaleb, and preserving their relationship with the man they care about. Experience the final chapter of the critically acclaimed series The War for Kaleb: “This is a simple and yet complex story and that”s what makes it so damn great. It”s hard to surprise me and it”s even harder to impress me to the point that this story did.” -Dustin Cabeal, “All in all, The War for Kaleb is a truly incredible title and Pittman has created something which offers one of the best comics about anxiety that we have seen since Worry Wart. It should be an essential read for anyone wishing to know more on the subject or even wishing to read something truly relatable.” -James Blundell,

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