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Thru #3


Thomas is fighting to survive the attack of the death machine. The alternative Earth village is in grave danger as human life has fallen under siege from a force that arose from the coast.

Lonnie Webb

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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The FALL of Thomas Truman continues. His closest friend has been murdered. His marriage lost. He is overcome with guilt having maimed a policeman. He steps through the Lectro labs machine, again and again, to appear in a very alien version of America. Thomas Truman stumbles onto an incredible discovery. Little does he know that foreign agents are on his heels. In post-depression America, Thomas Truman reaches for the American dream. Due to a miscalculation, however, the barrier between universes is broken and he is hurled into an adventure across space and personal reckoning. Nothing is as he expects in this multi-arc story.

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