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Topia #1

Three friends, Ron, Tom and Murray, and their travels to Topia, a city that operates with few laws but many rules. The rules are dictated by the marketplace, not by bureaucrats, charlatans, and politicians. When you live in Topia you buy or sell, or you'll have to leave, no idlers there. You contribute to the system or you hit the road.

Joe Corrao

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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Ron, Tom and Murray travel to Topia. It''s a dangerous trek so the friends must stay alert. Along a rural road, they meet and deal with robbers thinking them easy prey, that''s their first mistake. After a quick scuffle, where our 3 heroes come out on the winning side, they arrive at Topia, a legendary city of commerce. The rules are explained to them; buy, sell or leave, pretty simple and just what they expected. They enter the town to look for work, and start their plans in motion. A plan they''ll make up as they go along.

The three understand the rules and learned to adapt while formulating their master plan. Along the way, they''ll learn who to trust, who to work with and who is dangerous to them.


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