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Trials of the Samurai Clown #1

The Hunt begins for Samurai Clown, Keep your eyes peeled as the Ring Master sends his minions after one lone Samurai.

Brian Proctor, Jason Bullock

Standard Comic
Black and White
Twenty Pages

The circus loved and enjoyed by millions around the world. It is secretly an undercover organization of assassins for hire. Ashamed and disgusted with the things he has done The Samurai Clown (star performer and top assassin) flees the circus, unknowingly carrying the secret that could expose the entire organization. Permanently tattooing his face so that he will always be reminded of the lives that he has taken, samurai clown flees in order to make some type of amends for his past. Realizing what has happened The Ring Master (Lord and Master of the circus) gives the order to bring their star performer home.

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1 review for Trials of the Samurai Clown #1

  1. AwryChaos (verified owner)

    If you are looking for an entertaining read, look no more! You have found it in Brian Proctor’s comic book series the ‘Trials of the Samurai Clown.’ In this well-paced story you are introduced to Sam, a clown who is trying to escape his former employer and family, The Circus.

    Sam has reached a point in his life where, for reasons to be revealed in the story, he has decided to leave his past behind him. But as he quickly experiences leaving one’s past behind him it not as easy or simple as it sounds.

    The Ring Master of the Circus wants Sam back and will stop at nothing to ensure the return of his once friend and top performer of the show. Sam has some crucial decisions to make that will affect the lives of those he comes in contact with and those who he comes to care about.

    ‘The Trials of the Samurai Clown’ will remind you of the old martial art television shows and movies you have come to love such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Kill Bill.

    Even though the art in the comic series is at a semiprofessional level, it will give Brian Proctor’s style room to grow and define itself. I look forward to seeing this progression as the series continues as Proctor experiments with this versatile medium.

    In a few short issues Brian Proctor is able to give us an intriguing world with several characters we want to come to know. Even though we are at the beginnings of ‘The Trials of the Samurai Clown’ we realize that we want more of this comic and to explore this world of Sam the Samurai Clown.

    For the price and convenience of the digital download, you get a comic that is intriguing with a fresh concept that you will enjoy coming back to.

    I am looking forward to issue # 5 and hope that Brian Proctor has a long series run as I get to know these characters and the world of the Ring Master’s Circus.

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