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Trope #1

What would possess an interdimensional serial killer to save someone’s life? That’s exactly what the man named Trope wants to know.

John M. Waller Sewell, Travis Perkins, Lilly Avonlea

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

In his efforts to find that answer and to hunt down the killer known only as Jack, Trope will meet Agent Yuki and an entire force dedicated to policing an entire multiverse of stories. Spanning genres of horror, super-heroes, and more, all the while parodying them to hilarious effect, Trope # 1 will make you laugh while also making you wonder, “Who is Jack?”

It’s a comedy! A parody! A merciless yet loving skewering of all things comics and pop-culture! No, wait, it’s a mystery! Who is this interdimensional serial killer known only as Jack? No, it’s all of the above and more! It’s Trope!



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