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Type O Negative #3

Worldwide, vampires launched a scorched earth revolution and wiped out most of the humans on the planet. But can even the Undead survive the self-inflicted starvation and anarchy? What happens when predatory instincts collide with self-preservation?

John M. Waller Sewell, Emre Ozdamarlar, Brain McCranie, Alex Dukes, Kundo Krunch, Brian McCranie, Jared Willoughby, Enric Simon, Magnus

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

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Not all vampires are happy with the “cattle and bank” situation. Many retain the lust for the hunt, the kill. Others have become “the worst type of sympathizers” by falling in love with their food supply. The world”s new rulers sit upon fragile and unstable thrones. What happens when those inside the system begin to reject the new status quo?

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