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Ultra Klutz 1986 Season Two

Jeff Nicholson

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 64

Season Two collects the second set of four issues (#36-39). ‘Collisions’ marks the arrival of Ultra Klutz’s girlfriend and monster fighting partner on Earth in 1986, but shows events that never appeared in the original series, with both a modern eye and a big dose of nostalgia. ‘Distractions’ continues with an election for leader of the Justice Louts, and Stan’s discovery of the utopian Alpha Centauri IV. The Secret Suicide Squad travels to meet the kaiju of Hokkaido in ‘The Forgotten Monster.’ Finally ‘The Divergence’ brings everything to a head, as the gods Chaoz and Ordain, and even creator Jeff Nicholson, bicker over if continuity in Ultra Klutz 1986 should diverge from the original series!

Ultra Klutz began as a torturous parody of Japanese television hero Ultraman, but evolved into a complex interplanetary comedy soap opera that for the most part defies description (slapstick, absurd, yet with intricate story arcs). Always consistent was the unquenchable enthusiasm of indie comics veteran Jeff Nicholson, who took it from humble photocopy origins in 1984 to worldwide distribution during the ‘black and white’ comics boom (1986) and beyond, totaling over 1,000 story pages, including the sequel series Lost Laughter which concluded in 1994. New issues resumed in 2021.

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