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Vitalism Vol 1

Variant Grayscale Edition Available

Reyn Blackwood has a harrowing first day on the job—which entails mining for the treatment of her own disease. Perception and memory are skewed as she makes some new acquaintances, some of whom may or may not exist.

Bleeding Hearts Crafts

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White or Spot Color
Page Count: 200

Recently diagnosed with a newly discovered genetic disease and given only months to live, Reyn Blackwood is fortunate enough to secure a spot at Esterhollow Sanatorium, where she’s to be a clinical trial participant for a promising treatment. However, there’s a catch for those like Reyn who can’t afford the drug: they must mine for its main ingredient, in a location only safely entered by those with the genetic code needed to manifest the disease. On top of that, she finds that the drug has unforeseen, mind-altering side effects … thus making it difficult to comprehend the peculiar, frightening stranger whom no one else seems to perceive, as well as decide whether or not he should be trusted over the sanatorium. Rated 17+.

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