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Viva The Hunter #2

Hidden away in a decrepit firetower in the woods awaits the drunken martial artist werewolf Yasin, who traces the mysterious call Viva receives. With Viva’s last coordinates, Yasin follows the swordswoman’s bloody trail, hell-bent on capturing her, and soon discovers a horrific plot unfolding in the small town of Maywater. Meanwhile, Viva is locked up in the local police station and is tormented by demonic, apocryphal visions!

Forrest DePoy, Genesis Zorrilla, Dirk Van Parys, Alyne Leonel, LetterSquids, Riley Farmer, Kevin Hamilton

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Swordswoman Viva has been horribly wronged by a great demon king of fire named Adrammelech. With the help of Yasin, a nunchuck-slinging werewolf, Viva will pave her way to revenge with the blood of witches, cultists and demons.

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