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What’s Wrong With This Picture #2

Corey Deas

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 20

Carmen’s life is about to change. Graduation around the corner. Internship is starting and she was proposed to by her boy friend. She gotten into a fight with Laura. In that fight she realize her hate and fear of gays/homosexuals, may be the hate and fear of what happen to her as a child of a lesbian mother. What Rosa her roommate puts up with her parents,it makes Carmen want to put her past behind her. Justify her dislike of gays/homosexual but what secret awaits her. Sometimes family keeps things from you. The family secret can cause people to draw near or run away. What is Wrong With this Picture From a picture or a letter can you tell what’s wrong with some one? In this book you may think you know the truth but you don’t. You think you know what kind person they are. I charge you with this task, do not prejudge any one in this book. You will be wrong. College is a time of maturing and changing from childish ways to adult thinking. Time to be your own person. Some times it is the time to turn and let go of secrets. Secrets are both stressful and worthless to keep. Some secrets are worth keeping. Here is a wall flower who is caught up in a trap of lies. A foot ball star who need her to keep his secret. A room mate and her friend who seems to be leading a secret life. A new best friend that has a secret that is to much to keep. You your self don’t want any one to know your secret. Is this enough to drive you to drugs or crazy. What will are wall flower do before her first year of school is out?

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