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Zener Master Of The Mind #2

Axel De Veyra has the most powerful brain of any human being alive, but in his life it has been more of a curse than a gift. Ever since his powers manifested at a young age he has been under attack. Some people want to steal his powers, others want to kill him, but Axel’s desire is to become the one thing nobody ever gave him a chance to be: A hero.

Web Bleynat, Alex Dawe, Wan M. Manita

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

Axel DeVeyra, a man with strange mental powers, has been using telepathy to relay the story of his childhood to Piper Miller, a woman with no idea who the voice in her head is coming from. He has spoken of the headaches he had when he was young, the discovery of his powers with the help of his twin sister Serena, and the disastrous trip to the hospital that resulted in a large piece of medical equipment nearly exploding in a crowded area. No sooner had Axel stopped that threat, however, when assassins working for the mysterious Salvatore gunned down his sister. Now, Axel has revealed to Piper that someone is hunting him, and he needs her help if he has any chance to survive!

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