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Divebomb: First Flights

Divebomb is a clumsy, jetpack-wearing hero. In-between his job as a package deliveryman, he must protect his industrial home of Foundry City from threats ranging from mad scientists to space monsters!

Kurt Belcher, Paul Beal, David Hayes (Writers) Ben Ferrari, Kevin Christensen, Luis Rivera, Sebastian Roy, Jim O’Riley, Ben Hansen, Kevin Acklin, Martin Montiel

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 68

After losing his fortune, jetpack hero Divebomb must get a real job delivering packages for an online retailer. But he barely has time for that, when he’s battling mad scientists, trying to outwit the agents of other retail giants, settling old debts heroic family’s legendary enemies, and trying to kill monsters from space. All this doesn’t leave him much time to raise his hyper-intelligent daughter Haley, who wants to be a hero just like him!



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