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A Heroic Holiday #1

James Lynch, Steven Lundy, Johnny Vang, David Foley

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

Celebrate the holidays with this touching and emotional anthology, brought to you as only the twisted minds of Hero Universe could conceive of. In “El Ninja and Friends All-Star Christmas Celebration,” written, drawn, painted, and/or colored by James Lynch (Bliss, Victors, Saints), El Ninja, the Mexican-themed ninja and defender of the innocent, shares with the reader some of his favorite holiday traditions, bushido style. Learn of the secret history of the animosity between ninjas and samurai, but more importantly, learn respect for the Christmas cactus. If you do no respect the Christmas cactus, it will not respect you. You never know who may drop by to help bring tidings of good cheer, disgusting old-world desserts, or maybe even an eye-patch or two. In “The Sword of Santa,” written and drawn by Steven Lundy, a certain jolly old elf will stop and nothing, absolutely nothing, to ensure that a child has a merry Christmas, even if he has to tear down every dark warrior from here to the North Pole to do it. In David Foley and Johnny Vang’s “DORQs (Dudes on Random Quests) Christmas,” several of the DORQs explain to you why you need to buy more Hero Universe comics. Listen to the DORQs. They are wise. Also printed for the first time ever, Hero Universe’s “2007 Digital Christmas Card,” by James Lynch, featuring Tamer and that other guy from Victors pondering how the Salvation Army could become more efficient in its efforts to raise holiday funds.




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