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A Thing Immortal

An immortal gunslinger, a cursed manhunter, and a girl without a name, battle gods and monsters in an American West that never was.

Barry K Gregory 

380 pages
Paperback NOVEL
Signed by the Author

“A slam-bang mix of old west myth and dark fantasy legend, A Thing Immortal is a gritty, gunslinging triumph, chock-full of powerful medicine. True Grit meets The Witcher.— Victor Gischler

The buffalo hunter killed her ma. Just rode up one day, pulled his long rifle, and shot Ma dead. Then he chased her down, trussed her up, and took her back to his camp. And when he got tired of her, he sold her to the little rat-faced mountain man. The mountain man carved wards into the trees around his shack. Wards she couldn’t get past. Wards that kept her from running off. Wards that trapped her. Someday, she figured, one of the mountain man’s beatings would go too far and he’d kill her. And then she’d finally be free.

That’s what she believed. Right up until the day the old gunfighter with eyes the color of wildflowers and skin as white as his long, scraggly hair came riding up on a painted horse…


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