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Wulf and Batsy Vol 4

Magnum Orgus 2

Wulf and Batsy’s friendship becomes romantic, as a spiritual war rises around them. A demon-worshipping cult ramps up its activity in the small town Wulf and Batsy now call home. The conflict creeps ever closer to those Wulf and Batsy care about, forcing them to choose sides.

Bryan Baugh

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 282

VOLUME 4: MAGNUM ORGUS II picks up right where Volume 3 left off. Until finally, tensions escalate to a climax of gigantic supernatural proportions. This 282 page volume forms the second half of Magnum Orgus, a graphic novel so big it took two books to tell it! WARNING: Not safe for sensitive readers or social justice warriors. Magnum Orgus contains Exploitative Content and Politically Incorrect themes. Brimming with old-fashioned horror tropes, graphic violence, religious themes, and mischievous sexual innuendo. There is something in this massive 2-part story to offend everyone. Order with caution!

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1 review for Wulf and Batsy Vol 4

  1. Alfred DeStefano (verified owner)

    The final volume (for now?!?) in Bryan Baugh’s _Wulf and Batsy_ series. I can’t praise Baugh’s incredible talent for capturing scenes of horrific monster madness enough! Wulf and Batsy still ride the fine line between the camps of “good” and “evil”—and Baugh includes a ton of awesome references (including casting Haxan as a more insidious variant of Aleister Crowley—he even has him quoting lines from Misfits songs during an extremely violent ritual sacrifice!). Although the book (and its predecessor, Magnum Orgus I) has a pretty distinctly Christian tone, I doubt that anyone can miss what Baugh is implying here (embodied in the quote at the front of the book): “We’ve all become God’s madmen.” The massive destructiveness resulting from the competition of extreme ideologies is the centerpiece of the chaos—and once again, Baugh’s monsters steal the show. Brutal book by the most talented artist around!

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