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Wulf and Batsy Vol 3

Magnum Orgus

After years of wandering the earth, Wulf and Batsy have finally found a home, in an idyllic rural village. But their cozy new hometown has a dark history of spiritual warfare. Although the local church has held strong for decades, a cult of demon-worshippers is rising to prominence. And Wulf and Batsy are caught in the middle.

Bryan Baugh
Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 272

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VOLUME 3: MAGNUM ORGUS begins a new epic storyline in the adventures of Wulf and Batsy. In a conflict between the sacred and the profane, where will two stubbornly neutral monsters fall? This 272 page volume forms the first half of Magnum Orgus, a graphic novel so big it took two books to tell it! Concluded in Wulf and Batsy Volume 4. WARNING: Not safe for sensitive readers or social justice warriors. Magnum Orgus contains Exploitative Content and Politically Incorrect themes. Brimming with old-fashioned horror tropes, graphic violence, religious themes, and mischievous sexual innuendo. There is something in this massive 2-part story to offend everyone. Order with caution!

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1 review for Wulf and Batsy Vol 3

  1. Alfred DeStefano (verified owner)

    The penultimate (?) volume in Bryan Baugh’s magnificent _Wulf and Batsy_ series. With this volume, Baugh starts us on a wild, politically incorrect ride through the inevitable misfortunes following Wulf and Batsy’s attempt at finally settling down. Poor Batsy! Our delicious little vampiress is forced to deal with all the frustrations that NORMALITY thrusts upon her! Poor Wulf! Our favorite lycanthrope is forced to deal with all the frustrations, too—on top of Batsy (and not just metaphorically, either!). Five stars for some of the COOLEST horror artwork I’ve ever come across!

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