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Admonishing Stories

Edvard Moritz, Jerry Grandenetti, Francisco Agras, Ross Andru, Xirinius, Ed Good, Ruben Sosa, Eugene Hughes, Bill Molno, Richard Hughes, Joe Gill, Al Hewetson, Marilyn Mercer, Gary Friedrich, Al Moniz

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

Vampires escape from The Asylum, Hell Rider begins his crusade, Dr. Mercurio’s Diary tells a tale of mad science, The Joke breaks the atomic age, a gory gardener cuts into Flowering Death, undertakers undermine in Crypts And Graves, a meek man meets magic in The Witch’s Curse, dive into The Secret Files Of Dr. Drew, The Hidden Horror haunts a honeymoon, His Final Choice has a man literally going to Hell, Things To Come shows a path to the stars, and a voodoo doctor is vexed in The Curse Of Zamboori!

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