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Adventure Illustrated #2

Gary Chaloner, Graeme Jackson, Tim McEwen, Michael Michalandos

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36

Cyclone Force: Gordon Russell, the Golden Age Southern Cross, has a strange interest in finding out whatever happened to Flash Damingo, the platypus space ranger that vanished under mysterious circumstances years ago. He’s organized a meeting with a bunch of people that just might have the answers. Greener Pastures: A real old bloke with barnacles on his butt emerges from Sydney Harbour, strolls onto the set of a live television show, and announces that God is really pissed off. He informs humanity it has one last chance to redeem itself before God rains down a Second Great Flood and washes it away forever. Re Kelso: It’s 1931, and an odd group of allies are guarding the large wooden portal of an ancient and mighty wall hidden deep in a primordial jungle. Under attack from dinosaurs on one side and hostile natives on the other, they steadfastly hold their position while awaiting the arrival of their leader. But will he arrive too late?

This is a U.S. edition of an Australian comic.

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