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E.P.I.C. #4

Lonnie Lowe, Jr., Joshua Rose

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

E.P.I.C (Earth’s Protector In Crisis) Issue #4 Lotto’s Home E.P.I.C (Earth”s Protector In Crisis) Issue #4 Lotto”s Home. In a city reborn, heroes emerge. The city, and subsequently the world has been introduced to a new hero that some are now calling Epic. Not everyone is a fan, and not everyone is willing to just stand around watching. Now that the city has named him, our young hero has been pushed to the forefront of what seems to be an awakening of Alpha humans in the city of New Phoenix. Not all of them are heroes and not everyone is on board with this welcoming party. One man in particular has chosen not to join in on the welcoming party and sees them for who they really are. Now, equipped for battle he searches for Epic and any other Alphas through the night; good or bad delivering his own brand of justice. Until they finally meet and the showdown begins. Welcome It.

After unleashing a power back into the world that it hasn’t seen for ages, a young student Chris Tayborne is now thrust into the role of Earth’s Protector In Crisis.

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