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Akaelae #1

Tiffany Ross

Standard Comic
36 pages
Full Color

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Welcome to CYantia, a world of lush forests, jungles, oceans and deserts. It�s a wonderful unspoiled world inhabited by the Cyantians, immigrants who were stranded on the world by a race of ancient creatures in search of a cure for a disease that eventually wiped them out. Life goes on and generations have been born on this world, going through the normal cycles of conflict and peace to this day. At the beginning of one of these cycles, a gift and a curse was given to a handful of Cyantians by an invading alien force. the gift allowed them to turn away the invaders and led to a new class of Cyantians, The Elite or The Omega Wolves, The LAST wolves. Endowed with heightened abilities and a greatly lengthened life span, these wolves sought to improve their society, but in the end, almost destroyed it through their own wars. Now, there is a new generation of omega wolves, foxes and others who have no or little true idea of their abilities. Now, there are only three who recall the old days and have the ability to forge the future through the youth in their hands today and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

It’s the first day of school and life’s hard enough for a misfit group of cubs who don’t quite fit in without the trouble that’s brewing around them.

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