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Mystery Girlz #1


Thomas Florimonte

Standard Comic
Full Color
20 Pages

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Ghosts got you down? Tired of being abducted by Aliens? Are annoying Zombies always trying to eat your brains? If so, the Mystery Girlz “Ghost Busting & other Weird Stuff” removal team is the answer. They”re ready to take care of all your haunting removal needs. Follow the girls in this first action packed issue of “Mystery Girlz” as they discover that “Ghost Hunting” is the best job in the world!!! Or is it?

Being a ghost Hunter means being on call 24/7.

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1 review for Mystery Girlz #1

  1. Biancaa77 (verified owner)

    The first thing when it came to Mystery Girlz is that I liked the cover of this comic, it reminds me of the bratz dolls. Noticing that this comic is definitely for a younger, more childish audience. I like that once reading this comic in one of the panels they tell you the setting where this is taking place. I’m not a fan of the art work in this comic despite liking the cover, it definitely makes it a lot more noticeable on who the attended audience is for. I enjoyed that in this comic they found a way to incorporate the part of who and what the mystery girlz do. It’s nice that in this comic it doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of information but I found that some of the panels where just redundant or unnecessary. A pro of this comic is that they have the main work that covers the comic page with other panels on top of it. It’s definitely a different comic page style then I’m use to but I like the look. An issue I had with this comic story was the different character’s reaction to what was going on, they seemed to relax. The couple was so nonchalant to the supernatural beings in their house. There’s obviously something going on in the farm house that we can see when the mystery girlz are driving up to it however they are all so unaware of it that they don’t think this house actually needs them up till they drive up to it. Now since we can see the purple lights emitting from the house and ghost flying out I can only assume that the illustrator added it for the readers benefit and not the actual characters but that seems a bit unnecessary since in the beginning it showed us the house with the creepy monsters so maybe the girls are just completely oblivious. Now this comic ends with a “to be continued” but I didn’t think it was fitting since I don’t feel as if this is a whole comic. To me it seems like a whole lot of filler and not a lot of actual information or action going on. The set up with the farmhouse makes sense but that seems to be dragged on for four pages. Things really only pick up again on page thirteen so there’s plenty of pages and within the first few pages the characters and conflict get established but it takes them a whole other seven pages to notice the conflict on their own when really you can cut it down to two pages. It’s unnecessarily long for what is being presented and it doesn’t end on a good note. The actual useful information can be cut and put into half of this comic and even though I appreciate the panels not being over crowded I think I would prefer for a bit more action to add to the events in this comic. I also feel as if this comic could have ended a bit farther down the story to just provide a bit more tension.

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