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Roger McKenzie's Total Frenzy #1

Roger McKenzie, Sandy Carruthers,Dærick Gröss

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64

Roger McKenzie’s TOTAL FRENZY Comics is an old-school double feature book with heroes and horror! SPOOKMAN, with art by Sandy (Men In Black) Carruthers, is a mind-blowing journey into growing terror as a creature once thought just an urban legend becomes all-too-real! Based on the original Charlton Comics character created by Pat Boyette, Spookman is a classic horror/adventure series! KNIGHTINGALES, with art byDærick (Excaliber, Code ofHonor, BATMAN-‘Two-Face Strikes Twice’, Marvel’s Cyber Comics, ‘SPIDERMAN’ ) Gröss, Sr. Their code is to “first, do no harm.” All the time they must try to survive! When Cynthia Doyle and Betsy Crane, two angels of mercy, find themselves in a world gone to hell, they must fight for their lives and their patients! A nurse saga the likes of which you have never seen before, and also based on a classic Charlton Comics series!

PIX-C is a phenomenally fun weekly comics website that presents the work of some of the world’s most incredibly talented writers and artists. Each week there are new pages posted, serializing comics with a variety of genres ranging from horror and humor to heroes and romance! This magazine, Roger McKenzie’s TOTAL FRENZY collects some of those features in print for the first time.



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