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Crushed Remix #1

Brian Burke,Stewart Burke,David “Dutch” Koppenhaver

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 48

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Its all here Crushed Fans! 48 pages! The full FIRST TEAM UP covering with Crushed, Red and that little evil Assassin Mouse Knaw. Find out how they got together, learn the full history of Knaw and what might be the source of the chip on her shoulder to “Tubby” and Dead Kitty. Also Featuring Backups from Dutch! Ever make it to the end of your quest only to die at the last moment before claming the treasure? Or ever meet your fate before leaving the starting town? That”s Crushed life! Living under a cloud of foreboding DOOM! In a world that seems to run like a table top role playing game. She and select others are forever connected to the Temple of Infinite lives, destined to go out in adventure and come back a glorious hero… or die horribly and re-spawn naked in a puff of Smoke after an often sudden unexpected Death.

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