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Demon Mages #2

Jason Robinson

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 40

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The super sized 2nd issue! 40 pages! Last Time in The Demon Mages The lady mercenary, Ziggy, was offered a nice retirement for a simple recon mission. Rauschen, a KNG veteran was rumored to have found critical information on a secret shipment passing through the city of Fairhaven. In her attempt to head off the wily Sergeant, Ziggy instead ruined the debut of Ari, a local radio actress and starlet, and she did not take the situation in strideā€¦ In the year 2423, After Dominion Calendar… The Republic of Koltenia celebrates 20 years of peace after a costly and tragic civil war. But on the anniversary of the nation, four wild sorceresses gained possession of an ancient relic. Now, a surly basilisk, an arrogant gorgon, a nerdy succubus and a spunky dark elf are all that stand between the ambition of the “Magician’s Nation” and the recapture of the legendary “Babel Star.” Whether to destroy, conquer or save a nation, they are “THE DEMON MAGES!”

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