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Asylum #07

With a Divine Child as their captive, the Clan of Castoffs rush to make Damian’s execution a catalyst to unite the Clans in rebellion. News of the execution spreads to Evie and Clay, who decide to go find out if the Divine Child left The Palace to escape The Family, or if he is loyal to Father and worth killing. Glass Asylum’s patients suffer from a number of different psychosis. And while the patients may be disconnected from our world, the asylum has a mysterious link to another world called The Ring. In The Ring, the patients have powers that correspond to their mental health issues and are revered as holy beings.

Gabriel Moore-Topazio

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24


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Glass Asylum has a mysterious connection with an alternate dystopian world called The Ring where the patients have powers that correspond to their psychosis and are revered as Divine Children.

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