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Unusual Suspense #1

Sandy Carrythers, Jean-Emmanuel DuBois, P.D. Angel Gabriele, Paul Kupperberg, Rene King Thompson, Mort Todd

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

N.E.O. by Paul Kupperberg and P.D. Angel Gabriele. He was created in the future to be a Non-sequentially Evolving Organism, the ultimate defensive weapon…and the key to eternity! MS. MOLECULE by Rene King Thompson and Sandy Carruthers In order to save her life, Maxi Moilin must be reduced to microscopic size… but will that make her face even greater dangers? MR. KRIME by Jean-Emmanuel Dubois and Mort Todd 1968: A world in upheaval! War, assassinations and civil unrest! And one mysterious master of chaos attempted to exploit it… But whatever happened to MR. KRIME? And is he poised to strike again NOW to bring the world to its knees? Mayhem in the European super-criminal tradition! Unusual Suspense #1 is a 48 page color comic blockbuster, created by amazing talent from well-known contributors to such companies as DC Comics, Marvel and Archie. This comic is not available in stores!

PIX-C is a phenomenally fun weekly comics website started in early 2015 that presents the work of some of the world”s most incredibly talented writers and artists. Each week there are over a dozen new pages posted, serializing comics with a variety of genres ranging from horror and humor to heroes and romance! This magazine, Unusual Suspense #1 collects some of those features in print for the first time.

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