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Event Cycle 6 #1

Cameron Tevis

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

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When an alien ship crash lands on Earth, scientist Karen Matthews is brought in to study the vessel. Unfortunately for her and the Earth, the vessel is just a prelude to an even greater danger that threatens all life on Earth. Meanwhile, Luis Lopez is returning home after years in the Air Force. But, he mysteriously knows all about the impending invasion of the approaching alien race. The citizens of Atlantis have been secretly observing human progress for thousands of years. When they discover that their ancient alien enemies are returning to Earth to enslave mankind, they must initiate a plan that was put into place ages ago. Science and spirituality must come together to fight a battle on two fronts in a race against time. The outcome falls on the shoulders of a new team of superheroes that don’t like each other, let alone trust one another. Their mission takes them up to the stars, down to the depths of the seas and deeper still to the center of the Earth. And though the alien threat unites the unlikely team, their vast ideological and spiritual differences threaten to constantly tear them apart. If they”re going to save the Earth and all of humanity, they must overcome their differences… but even if they do, will anything ever be the same again?

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