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The Charlton Arrow #6

When Charlton Comics closed shop, they sold off most of their properties, with many left to languish in limbo. If anything, appreciation of their comics has grown over the years, with fan publications dedicated to their memory. THE CHARLTON ARROW is the fruits of those labors and we hope it properly honors the Charlton legacy!

Derek Adnams, Caio Cacau, Jose Delbo, Ron Fortier, Michael Jan Friedman, P.D. Angel Gabriele, Joe Gill, Darren Goodheart, Gary Kato, Paul Kupperberg, Roger McKenzie, Dan Reed, John Severin, Steven Thompson, Ben Torres, Daniel Wilson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 56

MR. JIGSAW: THE CHASE Part II: The epic concludes as the classic Charlton heroes Mr. Jigsaw and Liberty Belle team up to vanquish a global terror threat in Maine! Story by Ron Fortier, art by Gary Kato and color by Mort Todd. BILLY THE KID, DEAD MAN”S AMBUSH: One of Charlton”s most popular western characters returns in an all-new pulp adventure by Paul Kupperberg with a rip-roarin” illustration by long-time Billy the Kid artist Jose Delbo! DEATHWATCH: There is a realm between shadow and light. Day and night. Heaven and Hell. It exists in the final tick of the clock that separates life from death… the moment when Deathwatch comes for you! Written by Roger McKenzie with art and color by Ben Torres. THE KNIGHT: Nothing can stop Link Chain, agent of C.H.E.S.S., a.k.a. The Knight. It”s his world and we are all just pawns! By Daniel Wilson with art & color by Darren Goodhart. TAKER, THE BALANCE: A man becomes more than a man… gifted with incredible powers. Powers that come at a horrific cost! A new kind of hero with an awesome responsibility by writer Michael Jan Friedman and artist Caio Cacau with color by Mort Todd. PYTHAGORAS WAS WRONG: Visit the post-bellum South… if you dare! A steampunk Confederate nightmare where one man tries to make a difference! Script by Derek Adnams and featuring the last unpublished work of P.D. Angel Gabriele. Color by Mort Todd. 1776, THE MUSICAL COMIC BOOK: A hit Broadway musical that became a film… and then a comic book? A look at one of Charlton”s oddest comics (and that”s saying something) by Steven Thompson. BILLY THE KID, GERONIMO”S REVENGE! The western outlaw, caught between vicious gunrunners and fierce Apaches! A sneak peek at a new Billy the Kid collection shot from Charlton”s original photostats. Story by Joe Gill, art by John Severin. THE PROBLEM: Artist/writer Dan Reed returns to his Charlton roots and introduces The Problem, a new horror host with a weird tale of terror in the swamps!

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