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The Charlton Arrow #3 Vol 2

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Steven Butler, Nicola Cuti, Barbara Kaalberg, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Paul Kupperberg, Roger Mckenzie, Todd Mulrooney, Dan Reed, Joe Staton, Mort Todd, Ben Torres

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

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Featuring: E-MAN: THE GREAT BATTLE The senses-shattering conclusion to the all-new E-Man epic by original creators NICOLA CUTI and JOE STATON, with color by MATT WEBB. Plan Ten from Outer Space is revealed as a stellar congregation of heroes face the Brain from Sirius and the Battery! EDISON CORLISS”S INDUSTRIAL STEAM & IRONWORKS While foreign agents plot against the USA, Edison Corliss and his teammates prepare to lead the fight against them. Written by PAUL KUPPERBERG with art by PAT KENNEDY, TIM KENNEDY and BARBARA KAALBERG. Lettered and colored by MORT TODD. DEATHWATCH The grimmest reaper ever to walk the Earth returns in his unending campaign to collect the dark souls in a dark world! By ROGER McKENZIE and BEN TORRES. BLANK: LET”S YOU AND HIM FIGHT A mysterious voice on the telephone tries igniting violence in the streets of Dover City as Blank races against time to prevent it. Written by PAUL KUPPERBERG with art & color by TODD MULROONEY. MR. MIXIT: LOST IN LIMBO! Young Barry Baxter attempts to discover the secret behind his wild new alter ego, Mr. Mixit, and comes to terms with his new powers in a life or death battle in the skies with the demonic Deathstone! Story by ROGER McKENZIE with art by STEVEN BUTLER and inks & color by MORT TODD. BONUS PIN-UP THE DIMENSIONEER! A sneak peek at the stunning new hero by DAN REED!

The popular anthology returns with a second volume featuring the legendary E-MAN by original creators Nicola Cuti & Joe Staton and co-starring the new sensation MR. MIXIT by Roger McKenzie, Steve Butler & Mort Todd. Plus fun back-up features by some of the world”s top comic creators!

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