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The Charlton Arrow #4

Pat Boyette, Chuck Dixon, Joe Gill, Matt Hansel, Paul Kupperberg, Roger Mckenzie, Andrew Mitchell, Lou Mougin, Jack Snider, Steven Thompson, Mort Todd, Enrique Villagran, Ruben Vera, Mark Wheatley, Larry Wilson

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

THE CHARLTON ARROW #4 CONTENTS DAY OF DECISION Isn’t it a shame you had to grow up? Well, not all lil kids have to grow up or do they? A coming-of-age tale featuring Charlton menaces Rock and Rollo, Lil Tomboy and Lil Genius by writer Lou Mougin and artist Jack Snider. HOSPITAL HEAT: CHAPTER THREE Mayday! Mayday! Dr. Benson’s flight goes down, causing consternation to the staff of Westingburg Hospital! An S.O.S. goes out and the famed Flying Nurses respond! But can even they save the day? A new thrilling chapter by Larry Wilson, illustrated by Mark Wheatley. DIGGER GRAVES, PARANORMAL P.I. The son of Dr. Graves attempts to help a demon named Gorthgot find redemption. Bear witness to “I of the Beholder” by scribe Paul Kupperberg and illuminator Andrew Mitchell. THE GOLDEN GOAL Originally commissioned in 1967 by Charlton Comics, here is the final chapter of an unpublished epic by prolific writer Joe Gill and the stupendous artist Pat Boyette. Scheduled for the final issue of an action title that was never released! STINKY SKUNK— GUNSLINGER! The wild west is riper than ever when Stinky Skunk makes the scene! A silly showdown as immortalized by Roger McKenzie and Matt Hansel. GETTING TOGETHER WITH BOBBY SHERMAN Charlton had a bevy of licensed titles with themes ranging from TV shows to pop stars. Noted comics historiographer Steven Thompson educates us on one such personality, noted thespian and chanteur, Bobby Sherman! WORLD WAR DINOSAUR War! What is it good for? Absolutely fighting dinosaurs! Reporter Roger McKenzie uncovers the biggest secret of World War II! With some awesome artwork by Ruben Vera! RE-CAPTURE! In the far-flung future, an agent for the Interplanetary Military Police falls hard for an alien woman suspected of being a spy. That turned out OK, but can he survive meeting his brutish brother-in-law? A sci-fi sequel written & drawn by Mort Todd. BACK SEAT TERROR Winnie the Witch introduces a strange suspense story from the word processor of Chuck Dixon and the pen of Enrique Villagran. A thug has a successful run of stealing valuable cars, but how long can his winning streak last?

Though never as popular as DC, Marvel or even Archie, Charlton Comics had a long run from 1944 to 1985 and also produced a line of successful publications like Hit Parader. They didn’t spawn the superhero icons other publishers did but released a variety of titles that have become beloved by millions. They were fortunate to employ an array of legendary writers and artists who displayed a creative passion in the Charlton titles more than with other publishers, where they received more pay and fame. When Charlton closed shop, they sold off most of their properties, with many left to languish in limbo. If anything, appreciation of their comics has grown over the years, with fan publications, such as Charlton Spotlight, dedicated to their memory. THE CHARLTON ARROW is the fruits of those labors and we hope it properly honors the Charlton legacy!

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