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Baffling Mysteries

Steve Ditko, Johnny Craig, Don Newton, Chic Stone, Gerlad McCann, Domingo Mandrafina, Charles Nicholas, Wayne Howard, Dan Adkins, Joe Gill, Richard Hughes, Joe Malloy

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 100

Baffling Mysteries are stirring startling stories from the Golden to Bronze Age of Comics from all around the world! Terrifying tales like: Seat Of Doom, The Absent Heart, Dearly Departed, The Hundred-Year Witch, Those Ever-Lovin’ Space Shoes, Temple Of The Beast, A Shocking Tale, The Treasure Of Bad Luck Point, Death In The Storm, The Magic Chalice, Pull Up A Coffin, and The Man Machines! 100 Big Pages of ghost pirates, robot armies, witchcraft, mutant freaks, alien invaders, and the living dead!

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