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Blaze And Vigor #1

Henry and Johnny where orphaned at a young age after a mysterious fire burned down their house, killing both their parents. They were later taken in by E.V.H.A., an agency that deals with “special” occurrences. After a multitude of testing, both Henry and Johnny learned that they carried a unique gene in our DNA that scientists still struggle to understand. Henry’s gene mysteriously activated the night of the fire, granting him the power to manifest and control fire. Johnny on the other hand had shown no sign of activity and was ruled as inactive.

Erik Carrillo, Michael Caprood, Edwin Carrillo

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Blaze and Vigor takes place in present Chicago as they are two head players at the E.H.V.A. an agency that deals with special occurrences. Along with Dr. Walker, they try to clean the city of crime lord Ramos and learn about their true past.

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