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Tales Of The Emerald Yeti #3

The Emerald Yeti, still struggling to adjust to civilian life in his new furry, mechanical body, is haunted by the horrific memories of his time in Vietnam. Attempting to bury the past in a sea of alcohol, he draws the attention of a mysterious prostitute who has more in store for him than he could ever know. While Incredolad, in his guise as Trent Trenton, finds navigating life in the big city is going to be more difficult than he guessed. Broke and taken advantage of by those he thought were his friends, Trent struggles to handle the difficulty of college and living on his own while confronting the fact that everything he believed about himself was all a lie. Things get wacky in a back-up story featuring Emerald Yeti Jr. and Young Ninja Witch as they travel through time. Returning to the present Li”l Ninja Witch discovers, much to her dismay, that an unsupervised Li”l Emerald Yeti may have left a bigger footprint on the past than she could possibly have imagined! Tales of the Emerald Yeti #3 features horror, hijinks, hippies, history, and even literary cameos! All that plus two bonus Emerald Yeti pin-ups! Spring-boarding from the Bronze Age comics of the rocking, exploitative days of the 1970s, “Tales of the Emerald Yeti” tells the origin of the Emerald Yeti. SNAFU’d as an army grunt in the steaming bowels of the Vietnamese jungle, he is transformed into a man-machine monster no god would see fit to claim. Toss college student, Trent Trenton (aka/ IncredoLad!), into the mixer, and the tale grows even wilder! “Tales of the Emerald Yeti” is a new story of strangeness from Kenn Minter and Clarence Pruitt (the creators of “The Experts” and “Super World”).

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