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Tales Of The Emerald Yeti #4

Kenn Minter, Clarence Pruitt, Michael Neno, Joe Lacey

Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 28

As the Emerald Yeti struggles to reintegrate back into society, a night of heavy drinking sends his thoughts back to Vietnam and the horrific experiment that transformed him into the man-machine (or man-monster if you prefer) he was fated to become. Meanwhile, Trent, also having a difficult time adjusting to life at Top University, finally finds a moment of inner strength when he ends the destructive relationship with his cousin Incredolass. But indignity always manages to cling to Trent as the only way to extricate himself from an altercation with a gang of meathead frat boys is through a classic college food fight. In a back-up tale we catch up with the Emerald Yeti during the age of disco. Working as a superintendent at a swinging singles apartment complex he discovers something in the bowels of the building far worse than disco music and polyester.

Spring-boarding from the Bronze Age comics of the rocking, exploitative days of the 1970s, “Tales of the Emerald Yeti” tells the origin of the Emerald Yeti. SNAFU’d as an army grunt in the steaming bowels of the Vietnamese jungle, he is transformed into a man-machine monster no god would see fit to claim. Toss college student, Trent Trenton (aka/ IncredoLad!), into the mixer, and the tale grows even wilder!

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