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The Emerald Yeti All-color Action Special

Kenn Minter, Clarence Pruitt, Sterling Clark, Michael Neno

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 48

The Emerald Yeti teams up with Ntombinde, the girl who loves danger, in an action-packed jungle tale of magical fruit, super-science, and savage beast men. In Condominium of Conundrums, life at a swinging singles pad isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as the Emerald Yeti navigates life in the disco era. Working as the building’s superintendent, the Yeti discovers there are worse things than cleaning toilets. Time Trouble features that rascal the Lil Yeti teaming up with Young Ninja Witch in a time-traveling misadventure with dire consequences for the space-time continuum! Finally, we get a look at domestic life for a superhero husband and wife as the Yeti’s Magnificent Mob teammates Super-Ego and Little Miss Fantastic join the fray. Can the Emerald Yeti save them from another family squabble in Mayhem at the Marina?

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