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Boogieman #1

Lawrence awakens from a dream, which leaves him in a cold sweat, after getting himself together he relies on that it was more than a dream as he’s visited by the evil entity from his dream, Lawrence realizes time is running out and he must deliver his first soul by midnight, choices in life and death, what path will he choose fife or the Boneyard!

Kenneth Gaynor

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 16

BOOGIEMAN is the story of a man from St. Louis, who believes he has died and been sent to hell. Lawrence who’s death is mysterious, can’t remember how or what he did. He is faced with two options when he is forced to deal with an evil entity which he believes to be the devil. The options presented to him are he can roam the boneyards in hell for eternity or he can become the BOOGIEMAN, who roams the earth, living a life that may only be continued if he fulfills his contract. The evil entity requires him to collect 100 souls and 9 special souls that are chosen. Lawrence confused and scared chooses to be the BOOGIEMAN so he can continue his life. The evil entity returns Lawrence back to his simple life in St. Louis as a cab driver. He quickly realizes the insanity of his situation and marvels at the power that he has been granted. As time goes on and he collects souls he realizes he never remembers how or what he did. Lawrence fears he will eventually get caught living this double life which would nullify his contract. He soon becomes entrenched in this new life and begins to realize he has more control than he thinks and decides not to fulfill his contract gathering souls, and by doing so has unleashed hell”s fury on earth as the entity puts a bounty on the Boogieman”s head and sends out hunters, demons, the Seven sins and other creatures of hell to bring Lawrence”s soul back to the boneyard, but it will not be that easy as Lawrence has learned that he has the power to take over hell itself.

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