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Power Company #1

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Tony Klapper, John Jones, Rodney Lockett, Roy Johnson, Jermaine Christmas, Carlos Raphael, Eric N Bennett, Daniel Hoins, Dorphise Jean

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

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Cyborilla has escaped from Atlas prison, and his diabolical plan for conquest begins with a bang! Scouring the vast wormholes of space/time, Cyborilla gathers thieves, charlatans, and villains Necromage, Brimcoal, Abominus, Priestess Danielle, Sebek the Medjai, Poison Arrow, and Overcast to stage an invasion of Professor Bizarre’s Earth JJ2. Enter Damage Inc! The good mystic and curator Bizarre, responding to Cyborilla’s invasion, recruits some of the greatest heroes in independent comics, bringing together FiveStar, Metalmorph, Forecast, Crimson Streak, Victory, Killer Wail, and Spirit, dubbed the Power Company, to bring the good fight to the bad guys! What follows is a roller coaster ride of thrills, chills, and seismic battles! Damage Inc has Power Company on the ropes! It appears Professor Bizarre’s last hope might not be enough? Can Power Company gel in time to defeat Damage Inc, or will FiveStar’s stars of justice fade to a flicker? Join us today and find out how this classic and timeless tale unfolds! Co-starring Steel Wolf, Thunder Woman, and Midnight Owl (Guardians of the White House)! MAKING COMICS FUN AGAIN!

From across the reaches of space and time, the Simian Savant CYBORILLA gathers a cadre of the multiverse”s most dangerous villains! Their first target: the Earth of the sorcerer known as PROFESSOR BIZZARE! Can the Professor gather his own group of powerful allies, or will his world fall victim to this evil!? Written by CARLOS RAPHAEL and Coalition Comics, with art by LUIS RIVERA and colors by ESCOMIC! Lettered by WARREN MONTGOMERY and edited by RODNEY LOCKETT. Published by Coalition Comics and Iron Gate Comics. Cover Art by Luis Rivera

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2 reviews for Power Company #1

  1. REZcat (verified owner)

    While some of the story felt a bit stunted, which can be typical when trying to introduce numerous characters, I must say that the art was top-notch, and flowed rather well. Kudos guys! I’m looking forward to seeing the next one! 🙂

  2. galacticlegion1970 (verified owner)

    Awesome comic, everybody! And did (REDACTED) die from one of Poison Arrows’ arrow in the book’s very FIRST ISSUE? Can’t wait for the next issue!!!

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