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Power Company #2

The Power Company brought together by Professor Bizarre to defend all of the universe’s from the Evil power of Damage Inc. or any other threats that may come.

Carlos Raphael, Roy Johnson, Eric N Bennett, John Jones, Rodney Lockett, Daniel Hoins, Tony Klapper, Jermaine Christmas

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32

It’s the fight to end all fights as CYBORILLA and DAMAGE, INC. make their big push, and THE POWER COMPANY pushes back! From Washington, D.C. to the magical halls of PROFESSOR BIZARRE’s Sanctum, Indie Comics’ wildest heroes fight to save not just one world, but the multiverse entire! Also, who are THE GUARDIANS OF THE PEOPLE, and what does the future hold in store for them?! PLUS: A bonus back-up tale featuring FIVESTAR and STEEL WOLF! Join COALITION COMICS’ team of talented creators, alongside issue writers CARLOS RAPHAEL and ERIC N. BENNETT, artists LUIS RIVERA, FISH LEE, and TRISTAN MACDONALD for the closing of one chapter, and the beginning of the next!

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