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Boulder And Fleet Mining For Trouble

Thanks to a faulty map, Boulder and Fleet have found themselves lost in an unknown land. When they picnic by a nearby mine, they find themselves caught up in a battle over precious metals!

Jerzy Drozd

Magazine Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 92

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When you’re a small bird like Fleet, the world is a dangerous place. Sure, there are local constabularies in the villages and towns, but the wild spaces in between are governed by a single rule: might makes right. Bandits, fire skeletons, wizards, and all sorts of nasty supernatural and superscientific creatures lurk in the woods, ready to pounce on the helpless small fry. But Fleet”s far from helpless. Plucky and ambitious, she’s gone into business to make the world safer one adventure at a time. And if she happens to become the most rich and famous adventurer in the bargain, hey, that’s not bad, either. Her partner is Boulder, a bear with a boatload of muscle and courage. Only problem is he’d rather chat up the locals and have a good meal than punch the bad guys. In fact, he hates fighting altogether, complicating Fleet’s plans for fame and fortune. Still, he’s a bright light in an otherwise darkish world, so Fleet”s glad of his friendship even if it means having to pencil “convince him to go on adventures” into her day planner.

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