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Empress #08

Brian Barr, Chuck Amadori

Standard Comic: Full Color
Cover Type: Full Color- Inside and Out
Page Count: 24

Prized Silver Screen Studios actress, Zia, finally returns to Hollywood in Empress #8! Once declared missing, Zia reappears for the premiere of her new movie. Her adoring fans may be clamoring to lay eyes upon her… but she is not the starlet they remember. With her true, divine identity realized, they will see the true Zia. If they’re lucky, they may even survive. This issue is also the debut of Empress’s new artists, Sullivan Suad and Zilson Costa!

Zia, a silent film starlet, disappears before completing her first talkie. Niles Lance is hired by Silver Screen Studios to find her. As he uncovers details of Zia’s past, he is lead to ancient supernatural forces.

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