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Empress Vol 1

Starlet Lost

Chuck Amadori, Marcelo Salaza, Matheus Bronca, Brian Barr

Standard TPB
Full Color
Page Count: 98

Issues 1-4, the STARLET LOST arc takes place primarily circa 1890-1930. The stylized noir tale details the search for missing silent film queen Zia. As investigator Niles Lance is about to discover, sometimes it's better for the missing to stay missing. Silent film starlet, Zia, has disappeared before her last film could be completed. The Studio has hired cocky Private Eye Niles Lance to locate her. As Niles soon discovers, Zia's self destructive behavior is because she has been tormented by creatures in the shadows since her teens. Empress is a series that can have moments at the beginning of time and the end of time… and anywhere in between.

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