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Empress: Vol 3

The goddess has returned. Hekate’s latest incarnation, Zia, has unleashed her hoard on the world. A dark, supernatural thriller spanning millennia, including tales of Vikings, film starlets and World War II… with a twist on history.

Chuck Amadori, Sullivan Suad, Zilson Costas, Geraldo Filho

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 100

Shadows Cast: Part I Victory in Europe! But the War isn’t over. In the Pacific Theater, the battle has come home to Zia’s Island… waking up the horde of gremlins, and forcing President Truman to make a desperate decision. An alternate history, that brings the darkness into the light. Shadows Cast: Part 2 The Enola Gay gets diverted off target, leading to a disaster in Japan. President Truman reaches out to end the war. Zia and her horde distract themselves with debauchery and fun at the old Silver Screen lot. Shadows Cast: Part III Zia’s gremlin horde has changed the course of WWII, prompting the U.S. and Japan to ally against her. Shadows Cast: Part IV Zia stays one step ahead of the new Allied/Axis Joint Forces. Hiriji has plans to summon help. General Eisenhower storms D.C. to take on Zia at the White House.

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