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Bunker Born #1

Deep below the Earth, Bunker 313 of Detroit, MI, receives the President’s signal to once again take the surface and must make preparations for a coming war on multiple fronts.

Kasisi D. Harris, Jose Rondon, Alijosa Tomic

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

A hundred years have passed since Wormwood fell and scorched the earth. The Chosen submerged into bunkers while the Earth healed. The bunker dwellers did not sit idle. Bunker 312, Old Chicago, communicated ambitions of unifying the Midwestern survivors by any means necessary. They developed exo-suits that enhance their physiology. Bunker 614, Old Columbus, boasted of their swarm technology but ceased communication long ago. Here, in Bunker 313 of Old Detroit, the White Coats developed telekinesis through the use of nanotechnology. They called it, Influence. The signal has just been given for the Bunker Born to once again dwell on the surface of the Earth and rebuild the cities of old. This is the story of White Coat Anthony Rayne, a member of the last generation of the bunker-born, and the first Mayor of New Detroit.


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