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Cap’n Catnip #2

At long last, Cap’n Catnip and Womble the Wonder Gerbil return to protect the crime-infested streets of Petropolis. Originally debuting in Charlton Bullseye #2 in 1981, this book strikes out in a bold new direction.

Craig Boldman, Tim Fuller, Daryll Collins

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 28

The Powerhouse Pair tells a tale of one their first cases as they battle The Emerald Cash Borer in “The Deep Secrets of the Catacombs.” Then they learn a valuable lesson that “You Can”t Judge a Crook by His Cover.” And Cap”s old nemesis, Ratman tries to go straight in “Why Did the Rodent Cross the Road?” Join Cap and his sidekick for these all new adventures, featuring stories by Craig Boldman and art by Tim Fuller and Daryll Collins. It”s all-ages, full-color fun for the whole family, bring the pets too!

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