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Kuro Shouri Vol 4

Kristin Laflin, Dylan Archbold

Manga Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 188

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[learn_more caption=”What It’s About”]In the aftermath of their most trying adventure yet, their date, Yasha and Hisaki try to return to a normal life. However, Hisaki makes the shocking decision to suddenly move away from Tokyo and his friends and move to the cold city of Sendai. Despite heartfelt pleas from Yasha, and his own desire to seemingly stay, Hisaki still leaves his one friend behind. Now, these two must try to make it on their own, despite the mysterious powers that hunt them. Compounding these hardships, an enigmatic man with red hair shows up at Yasha’s school. Is he a friend to her, or her newest enemy? Hisaki and Yasha are an odd pair of friends: Hisaki is quiet, distant, and possibly keeping secrets from everyone, while Yasha is loud, violent, and in serious need of anger management. As they try to deal with each other, they soon find that creatures are after them for something they know nothing about: a demon supposedly hiding within one of them.[/learn_more]

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