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Cosmic Force #4

Allen Carter

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 44

This is it: the first showdown between the future Cosmic Force, and the government officials now equipped with advanced wrist weaponry. Unfortunatley for both of them, this battle does not happen in private, as the rest of the city later discovers what’s going on. Who wins the battle? How does the public react? And do our fivesome get closer to finding out what may have happened to them in the two years that they can’t seem to remember? One word: Read!

While watching a meteor shower, five strangers are struck down and seemingly killed by five stray meteors. They later resurface with superhuman abilities, but also with a loss of two years since the celestial event. Having been declared legally deceased by the rest of the world, the fivesome try to come to terms with their new existence, all while avoiding government agents who are mistaking them for invading aliens.

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